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hist103 10.14.9-

hist103 10.14.9- - Henry VI I I-BAD ID-K ing of England-Had...

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Henry VIII-BAD ID -King of England -Had sex wives -Didn’t want to be part of Catholic Church -Set up his own church like Luther in Reformation -Liked chivalry. -it’s okay Better ID -Was king of England during reformation period Hisfeeling that he must have a son to succeed him led him to divorce his 1 st wife, Catharine of aragon -WHY IS HE SIGNIFICANT?WHY DOES HARKNESS EMPHASIZE. WHAT IS THE HISTORICAL SIGNIFICANCE OF DIET OF WORMS? -TO DIVORCCE HENRY BROKE FORM THE CATHOLIC CHURCH, AND ESTABLISHED NEW PROTESTANT, and established new protestant church in England -Henry VIII became head of the church in England through act of supremacy. Henry 8 is historically significant because he established the prot church in Eng and bc by mixing politics and religion Need 5 pieces of information in ID!!!!!! Show an understanding of when this person lived, give association of events.
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What are the big events that the person is associated with. Think about big Medieval inheritance, religious reformation, catholic The Thirty Years war, 1618-1648-historians see this as one of the last wars of religion. This is just one perspective. - Whether their nations is going to be protestant or catholic. -The other way to see it as the 1 st modern war of nationalism, this is when other people begin to ask people to fight with them, French with -People start defining borders like they have never had before. -Last war of religion, and 1 st of the modern nationalistic wars - this is how historians see the 30 yrs war.
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hist103 10.14.9- - Henry VI I I-BAD ID-K ing of England-Had...

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