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hist103 10.26.9 The New science

hist103 10.26.9 The New science - T he New science-Badel...

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The New science-Badel Before gal, things that put Cosmological revolution-aristotles views challenged by gal and copern. The big three of this movement, Copernicus, brahe, Keplar. One of the 1 st individual’s to pt out that gal had a daughther. Daughter is a nun. Gal had a major showdown with what science is and what religion was. I. The Aristotelian World view-this universe is finite, and not infinitely begin, uni was a closed bounded place, planets were hard crystalline objects, think ob the objects as jewels on a bigger jewel. This view is geostatic, there is geocentric, earth doesn’t move, everything moves around the earth. Earth is at the center. Get picture of Aristotles universe. There is an issue of perspective, for them it was ablsolutely common sense that this is how the universe worked. Everything above moon is nonchanging, uncorrupt, below it just the opposite. - Cosmology: o Sphere of fixed stars- things outside it there was a place for god, something outside the aristotles universe, there was a catholic place that they put for god only, outside god was given the responsibility of primer mover, god pushed the spheres from the outside, and the spheres moved until they were stopped by god himself. o Geostatic and more of less geocentric o Catholic medieval addition: god is the “prime mover” of the celestial Spheres - Texts o Aristotles physics (c. 350bce)-dominant until 16 th and 17 th century. He is actively being taught as the expert of physics
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o Ptolemy’s almagest( c147-8ad-was a roman astronomer who is best known for his detailed observation of the heaves. Ptolemies star charts, that charted the positions of the stars. It is based on a aristotlian sense, this gave astronomers their information about how compile information about the world. So long as you have the earth in the center of the universe there is going to be a problem. The thing to remember about these texts is that people have written on them, there is a lot of baggage on them, there is cultural energy on them, that makes the documents seem illegitimate, there is an enormous amount of anxiety of throwing the texts out. There
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