hist103 10.28.9

hist103 10.28.9 - 10.28.9 Science and Religion the New...

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10.28.9 Science and Religion: the New Science on trial -the brewing showdown between the old jeudo Christians and the arist world view and the new scientific theories form cop, brahe and kepler. They destabilized the aristotiliean world view, but didn’t overall take it down. New science is based on observation, and experience. OBSERVATION/EXPERINCE=NEW SCIENCE Setting the stage for gal and his relationship with the church.-THIS IS WHAT THIS LECTURE IS ABOUT. Your basic science text, your basic account was genesis, god said let their be light, world is organized by language. Kepler says that god is thinking in terms of mathematics. Number weight and measure, arithmetic and geometry, this is how god created the universe. The bible offers two ways to interpret knowledge , t hru number weight and measure or thru a theologian perspective. We as scientists should be able to help you because of number weight and measure. I. Giordano Bruno’s Long Shadow-he is one of the figures of the scientific revolution, a Dominican friar , the men in black, who was a proponent of cop theories . He was a mystic, he believed that the root of all numbers was magic. God is all powerful. If you can do math, you have a part of god within you. Burned alive during the inquisition, some say that he died because of his he was a pain in the neck, sarcastic, argumentative, didn’t really do his homework, got his opponents ideas twisted. Born to a military father, he comes form the Italian region of naples, southern part of Italian peninsula, got education in clergy, got in Dominican
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- Giordano Bruno 1548-1600 - Mathematics is very, very magical-SINCE HE BELIEVED MATH CAME FROM MAGIC. - Mnemonics( the science of memory)-10min-memory system, private tutors were hired to teach this. His system was to use a wheel to memorize things. Ex; the hand is a mnemonic system, the spiritual exercises reminders on your hand from the Jesuits. This circular wheel or mnemonics that Bruno had was called magic, because it was so concise but also - 1576-he is called for heresy for mnemonics and his books by the church, he had books of Copernicus, Erasmus, and basically he panics and runs off. He goes to Rome. Rome is not the best place to go though. Goes to Italy, Switzerland, france, and then into England. On these adventures, he would put on his Dominican friar, pretends. He is lying the whole time about his religion, hanging out at universities, sold his skills to print shops, proofreader for latin translations. Eventually, the Dominican Order expelled him. - 1581-king liked bruno’s mysticism- goes to England to the court of Eliz I. Not a warm place for the French embassy. - Still in England he is still trying to make a positive expression, he offers free lectures on copernicus’s theories, in the university, which was still quite debated. He got up to say things that were wrong about cop theory. They laughed at the French guy, Bruno, so Bruno runs from Oxford in England and goes to London, and then he focuses on a treatise
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hist103 10.28.9 - 10.28.9 Science and Religion the New...

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