hist103 11.4.9

hist103 11.4.9 - 1616-sci rev was another problem just like...

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Unformatted text preview: 1616-sci rev was another problem just like the reformation of luther.Galileo on TrialUrban Viii-Cardinal Maffeo Barberni-was one of gals students a supporter of gal, was a well educated man, came to be a pope in a difficult time, 30 yrs, it was 5 yrs into the 30 yrs war. W>E is fracturing along religious lines. His diplomatic skills go into the warBecause barb is his friend, barb will be supportive of gals future, he took his relationship with him for granted, which was a mistake. Galileo begins to think about a public role thru print, one of his treatises is sarcastic, members of the Jesuit order, he is aiming at Jesuit astronomical theory, these guys are aristotilean, which are being targeted by Galileo. Gal keeps poking at this stuff during his work.(7min) Gal is still on the rise, in 1624- he is invited to the vatican in rome with U8, took long walks with him, from this gal said that he was urged to proceed with his work, u8 is sympathetic. However there were papal advisors who were worried about their relationship, Cardinal zollern-he was one of the advisors at the Vatican that pointed out the most german protestants accepted the Copernican theory, given the war in Europe, the church had to be meticulous when considering science. The fact that the medici were supporters of Galileo(10min)The pope and the medici were a power in Europe at the time. Dialogue on the two chief world systems(1630-1632)-most controversial book-was written in 1630/1632(10min)-was important about date. While he is in rome he shares the ocnteents of the manuscripts with the Jesuits domincans, people who see the index of prohibited. Contains a conversation between a supporter of cop vs aristo vs neutral views. It was set up as a conversation. The neutral figure would ask questsions without tipping over to either side.A Copernican, an Aristotelian-ptolemaic (simplicio) and a neutral respondent-the figure of simplicio, marks the loser, the loser in this book was the Aristotelian view holder. Day i: natural circular motion-what is this, whether elliptical system is desireable, what are the problems involved with circles, underlaying and under metaphysical appearance of everythingDay 2: daily roration of the earth-motion of the stars is an optical illusion.Day 3: yearly revolution of the earth around the sun-problems associated with earth rotating about the sun and revolving about its on axis.Day 4: tides are caused by natural, circular motion, rotation, and revolution.-he said that the motion of the moon. Whether or not tides could be caused by circular motion, rotation of earth about its axis,(17min)this depends on the earth being in motion. Earth moves about its own axis, and revolves around the sun, and that this push and pull is what causes the tides to go back and forth. There is a debate in rome about this, there is a reluct(19min is important). The publisher softens the readings, gal has to make revisions so that it is just a hypothesis, he...
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hist103 11.4.9 - 1616-sci rev was another problem just like...

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