hist103 11.16.9-The Enlightenment

hist103 11.16.9-The Enlightenment - The Enlightenment-the...

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Unformatted text preview: The Enlightenment-the beginnings of the 18 th century, French Revolution, that talk about human rights, people are beginning to ask questions about humanity, inalienable r ights. We focus on F rance, a stage of human r ights and the political consequences. A period of contradictions and ambiguity . At the same time the economy is based highly on slavery.they are not ready to be tolerant towards, religion, gender. Look for struggles between ideals and reality, where people are t rying to make a very gradual shift from mutal obligation to r ights . Obligation has a sense of reprocity, if one side doesnt fulfil its obligations, this breaks down. I nherent r ights situation shift. They are given r ights al ready . The importance of empire, Britain is growing, spain is not doing well. Markets come about, most of Europe is still based on agriculture, the rich were getting richer, the poor were getting poorer, they were open to disease, and warfare. There is a growth of a new commodity, called time, leisure. With the growth of rights, growth of economy, you are getting a class of people that are distinct from society because they possess free time, where they arent obligated to be in the filed, fight wars. There was boredom in the 18 th century. One of the people that just wanted was TIME. That drove social and political forces. How Enlightment Ideas Developed: French Philosophers vs English ideas Spread message vs parliament English parlimant became the leading, just like Newtons science. Immanuel kant vs Isaac Newton Science, Hobbes and Locke Newton promised to reveal the secret of the universe. He became the heroic figure that French people go to. Newton create calculus and gravity. People used the name newton wherever they can, english saw this and translate it to vernacular languages, hence Frances science is spread out. Kant is the person who put the idea that intellectual activity can overthrow tradition ad ngain freedom. He believes in the power of thought to provide ppl wiuth freedom and new chices of how to live their live. Power of thought to overthrow Tradition and Freedom How enlightenment Ideas developed- French Philosophes English Ideas Spread Message Immanual Kant Parliament Science/Isaac Newton Hobbes and Locke-english political philosophers- Thomass hobbes(1588-1679)-his birth day, born in the Elizabethan period, where England had strong rule, during the time Spanish armada. Trying to get back to old style obligation that people obey prince, and prince obey people.- state of nature war of all against all Trying to get back to old style obligation that people obey prince, and prince obey people....
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hist103 11.16.9-The Enlightenment - The Enlightenment-the...

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