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hist103 11.18.9The Decadence

hist103 11.18.9The Decadence - T he Decadence(corruption of...

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The Decadence(corruption) of the Old Regime-focusing on the aristocracy. The Three Estates-jealously guarded by the clergy and the aristocracy, it is just like the people who fought, people who prayed, and the people who worked. Because of the power of the clergy, and the aristocracy, they all had a resistance to change. There were approximately 10k clerics on the day of the revolution, and they owned about 5-10 percent of land. They were the largest land owning class. 1 st estate: Clergy-thru tradition and legal intervention, there were exempt from taxes. They had lots of land, no tax on it. 2 nd estate: aristocracy- included about 400k people on the eve of the French rev, men, women, children, this is a family based order. Louis 14 successors were not able to control the aristocracy, and they were falling back to their old habits, monopolizing govt positions, they were not taxed as well. Argument was based on the fact that they gave free military service in france. This was enormously powerful, wealthy, and had political power. 3 rd estate- Bourgeoisie-people who were merchants, mobile. They had carefully managed to shift some of their taxes to the peasants. They became a more protective class. The only people who were barely able to pay for it. The peasants. Peasants-backbone to the economy. They couldn’t pay for the taxes, they were kicked off the land, migrated, and begged for money, became a public order problem. Why is the 3 rd estate so active in the revolution. Do not confuse the estates gener….These 3 estates are social orders. Estates General(1614-last called) Representative assembly, all over france, a branch of govt that represented the sentiment of the people. Because the people were misrepresented, these were frequently called. These are not the only representative assemb.
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This is a political institution of gathering. They vote just by groups. Parlements- they were regional assemblies of representatives, that gathered together to discuss tax issues, and political legislatives. They are just trying to push for a greater voice in society, and push for better tax situations. The Aristocracy-their efforts were resisted by the aristocracy.
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