The Atlantic Community and the Slave Economy

The Atlantic Community and the Slave Economy - 1 2009-11-11...

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1 2009-11-11 The Atlantic Community and the Slave Economy 18 th century, Europeans active all around the world. Indian, Pacific, Atlantic busy route. Linked continent together. More diverse, international, complex. economy system based on water. Similar to ancient Mediterranean but largest in scale, and require more Capital intensive, navigation skill, changes in planning and financing. Developing navigation & infrastructure. New power dynamic among: France, Spain, England. They use marine to expense country profile. THey approach problems in different ways. Spain extensive trade network o Caribbean, south America to western side of south America to the coast of Mexico, to pacific ocean. Trading on labor intensive economy: mining, plantation agriculture(sugar cane, most long-term lucrative for Spain in the long term) mission: to convert souls to Christianity. England not extensive, but wild-spread route. Dominate many parts of the world. In the beginning, England is in disadvantages to administer, too spread out. Economically exploit the area , sugar, 2) fish ( new Finland), tobacco and cotton ( Virginia). France got into Atlantic later, need to compete for territory, dispersed territory. Isolated holding in Caribbean, S.America and E. Africa( useful to gather slaves) I. The Atlantic Community: Speculation, Colonialism, and Trade Speculation: huge sum of investment, risky. Most ppl lost those investment or comes back late. They want risky investment, - Tulips, 1634-1637: 1 st major speculated commodity. Came from Ottoman ambassadors into W.Europe. Tulip bulb. Most prestigious flower to grow and give in W. Europe. Rarelty can be trade in the market. Become infected by a diseases to cause Tulips bloom with different bizarre colors. They became to selectively, but it became weak. So high investment but Tulips died without prediction. A single flower might worth a house. If I own 1 bulb, will grow to more!! Amsterdam, portable. Become Travelers’ cash.
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The Atlantic Community and the Slave Economy - 1 2009-11-11...

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