The Changing Balance of Power

The Changing Balance of Power - The Changing Balance of...

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Unformatted text preview: The Changing Balance of Power: England and Spain The reason we are talking about this is be cause of the escalating religious problems in Europe, so it gave them an opportunity. Use the religious disfunction in France. There was a t riangle of power. Two different leaders with different ideas of rulers. Phillip Is protestant, and Elizabeth is catholic. I. Phillip I I of Spain(r. 1556-1598)- greatgrandson of maximillion 19the guy who married all of hapsburgfamily) of the Hapsburg. 1.Father: Charles I, King of Spain and HRE---Charles the V, the holy roman emperor that t ried to make luther recant his 95 theses Charles the 5 th t ried to help phillip become a better ruler. From a 12 yr old he would sit in meetings, and 1543- phillip I I was named reagent temporarily. 1548-1556---phillip went throughout the empire, it was a very careful training program, 2.1555-charles abdicates-tired out, and wanted to pass off their throne to his brother and phillip I I- The Hapsburg have spain, and Holy roman emperor.-He decides to give phillip the heart: gave Netherlands, the Americas, the rich areas, to his brother Ferdinand: H roman empire. The reason Charles do this because it was hard to manage the dispersed empires.-phillip I I gets spain, Netherlands, the maericas-ferdinand gets HRE Phillip mar ries mary tudor of Catherine of aragon, mar ries Queen Ma ry I of England.-They were related and so they had to get a papal dispensation.-Phillip didn’t love mary, only took it as a political match, he liked Mary I’s sister, Mary loves phillip passionately. Mary hated her sister Elizabeth because she was protestant, and had problems from her mother, she was very smart, and intelligent. She was 3 her mother died, she caught on that her status went down from a royal highness to being called Lady....
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The Changing Balance of Power - The Changing Balance of...

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