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GUIDELINES FOR THE TERM PAPER DUE DECEMBER 3rd - Rel 140 The paper should be 6-8 pages. It should address any one of the moral issues/questions we have explored this semester – if you choose to pick an issue we have not dealt with, secure your TA’s approval. The paper should clearly identify and outline the moral question. You should indicate your personal position/view, as well as indicate opposing views. Be sure to cite an authoritative source for your view/counterview. You may use the Internet but attach a copy of your source, if you do so. The paper is worth 45 points and is due December 3rd. Breaking It Down Clearly identify and outline the moral question What is the ethical issue? What are the various sides to the question? Hint: These issues are huge! You only have 6-8 pages, so narrow things down! Indicate your personal position/view as well as indicate opposing views
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Unformatted text preview: What is your personal view? Why do you hold this view? What is the basis? What views oppose yours? What is their basis? Cite at least one authoritative source for your view/counter view The minimum number of sources required for this paper are the reader for class AND one other source . If you use an internet source, please attach a copy AND be careful to use reputable websites. Timeline: November 24 , by midnight—Email to Ruth a statement that identifies what ethical issue you will be dealing with and articulates what is at stake. Along with this, you should email a preliminary bibliography to Ruth ( [email protected] ). November 30-December 2 —Optional paper conferences with Ruth December 3 —Paper due. Please note that late papers, unless prior arrangements have been made, will be penalized 1/3 of a grade....
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