Quotes - Quotes-treatment when he is free-When he becomes free they question European’s question if he is free He sort of has this sense that

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Unformatted text preview: Quotes -treatment when he is free-When he becomes free they question, European’s question if he is free. He sort of has this sense that when he is not near, or with his slavemasters, he basically doesn’t get the same treatment. Are you t rying to say that he is adapting to European culture, because people are adapting expecting him to do so….he’s adapting because he’s African….he’s adapting because he realizes that their European culture is superior to his, so he has to modify his culture, so he is adapting because he wants….it is used as a survival mechanism(his adapted to characteristics)….because every single time he is becoming free he is put down by his masters and reminded that he is African…..that’s what im t rying to say….so in that way he sort of identifies as African. That’s good. So you just want to say He considers himself African but he wants to gain European culture, because he considers this foreign culture better than his…you use quotes that show him thinking European culture is better….but also show him explicitly not identifying as. This needs to be used!!!! He talks about this guy named Jose Clipson, and he says that, I think eq, was sold to him, and he says that, r ight when he is about to buy his freedom, he says “this is even worse than slavery , these things opened my mind to a new scene of hor ror, and that I was …that was when he became free, So even though he is made a merchant, the Europeans still treat him as beneath him. I could say that he identified himself as African, mainly because of his treatment with slavemasters when he is continually sold….YEAH T H IS IS GOOD…. GIVES REASONS T HAT H E IS AFR ICAN BECAUSE----- Equiano self-identified as an African in europeanesc situations (in Europeanistic situations). An example could be he is w riting this book for a european audience, he builds himself as African, suggesting that he thinks he is an African. When he adopts Christianity he thinks that he could become a missionary to his African people, to his countrymen, meaning that so he could go back to Africa, that seems to suggest that he still considers himself as an African even though he has adopted European religion. As a freed person in England, he is still t ries to identify as other free Africans, but he gets sold back into slavery? Then you can say another reason he is African is because he is maybe, despite European characteristics he still clings to his African culture….use this for thesis…and you can still maybe talk about. I t’s not that he really clings to his African culture, he doesn’t do that……YOU WANT TO BE A BIT MORE SPECIF IC TO HE LP WIT H ORGANIZATION.. Quote on 43-where he says that if I was European…I would think that I would have suffered a lot, but compared to my countrymen, I haven’t suffered much at all. So he identifies as African, perhaps based more on his sufferings in his life, so that quote he is saying yeah if I were European, if I were European, I would...
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Quotes - Quotes-treatment when he is free-When he becomes free they question European’s question if he is free He sort of has this sense that

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