Lecture Mental Health and Clinical Psychology

Lecture Mental Health and Clinical Psychology - Lecture:...

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The problems of diagnosis : DSM-IV I. Case 1: 35 yr old male, paranoid, would look around a lot -> everyone in tribe was paranoid - Case 2: 29 yr old female, purges, eats and vomits repeatedly -> always happened, everyone did it Case 3: 42 yr old female, self-confident, goes to bank to ask for loan -> Missouri, 1900s, only deranged, crazy person would do that w/out permission of husband = least mentally healthy, institutionalized Case 4: 18 yr old male, alcoholic -> university town, always happened - mental disorders have to be looked at in the context of the culture, depends on social matters 1973: (David) conducted experiment- 19 people reported to psychiatrist for a auditory hallucinations (hearing voices) didn't give real names or occupations but other than that everything else was true. all were admitted to mental hospital, diagnosed as paranoid schizophrenics. as soon as admitted, said no longer heard voices, behaved in an ordinary way. How long for them to spot that they weren't actually insane? = were NEVER identified as being sane. = psychiatrists exaggerate; everything was seen through the lens of insanity; when diagnosed, look at all other symptoms as problem from that diagnosis; once a person is labeled, hard to escape from it - do you think you yourself could fool a psychiatrist that you were insane? YES- easy - symptoms define disorders - Pica: disorder for people eat minerals/metal (people eating cars) - DSM-IV : manual allowing psychological and psychiatric community to diagnose people properly; categorizes people based on symptoms Anxiety-related disorders II. everyone experiences anxiety, but it can be frivolous-- mind can manipulate anxieties in different ways
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Lecture Mental Health and Clinical Psychology - Lecture:...

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