Lecture Social Physics

Lecture Social Physics - Lecture Social Physics Tuesday...

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Group dynamics: Exploring class interactions I. group exercises designed to experience group progress as it occurred - when groups are making decisions, things can happen that make it unfold differently if it was an individual decision; people have low accountability (didn't know people in the group, etc.) - in groups people contribute less, can disappear = social loafing - deindividuation: person loses personality in group, no longer an accountable individual - ideas and languages used were used that wouldn't ordinarily be - when people feel they are deindividuaded and anonymous, they will behave differently - second experiment: same thing, except room was completely dark, then would talk; when people are deindividuaded they behave differently in dark room: talked in quiet voice, talked about what family was like, how relationships were like, silence, people would touch one another Ken & Mary G. experiment: group of 6-7 people, talk about different things; general things, introduce themselves - in group with same personalities, traits get exasperated (too much extroversion, etc.) - combining introverts and extroverts: 2 introverts fine with not saying anything, don't need to talk; extroverts feel uncomfortable without talking, need to talk ->results: introverts and extroverts don't get along very well in a group (extrovert thinks they have to do all the work, carry conversation) (introvert thinks extrovert is talking too much) - Social Physics II. the metaphorical application of laws of physics to social behavior
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Lecture Social Physics - Lecture Social Physics Tuesday...

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