AP Biology ch6-8 test

AP Biology ch6-8 test - Name Class Date ID A AP Chapter 6-8...

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Name: ________________________ Class: ___________________ Date: __________ ID: A 1 AP Chapter 6-8 TEST 1. When biologists wish to study the internal ultrastructure of cells, they most likely would use a. a light microscope. b. a scanning electron microscope. c. a transmission electronic microscope. d. A and B e. B and C 2. The advantage of light microscopy over electron microscopy is that a. light microscopy provides for higher magnification than electron microscopy. b. light microscopy provides for higher resolving power than electron microscopy. c. light microscopy allows one to view dynamic processes in living cells. d. A and B e. B and C 3. A biologist is studying kidney tubules in small mammals. She wants specifically to examine the juxtaposition of different types of cells in these structures. The cells in question can be distinguished by external shape, size, and 3-dimensional characteristics. Which would be the optimum method for her study? a. light microscopy using stains specific to kidney function b. scanning electron microscopy c. transmission electron microscopy d. light microscopy using living unstained material e. cell fractionation 4. All of the following are part of a prokaryotic cell except a. a cell wall. b. ribosomes. c. an endoplasmic reticulum. d. a plasma membrane. e. DNA. 5. Which of the following is a major cause of the size limits for certain types of cells? a. the observation that longer cells usually have greater cell volume b. the evolution of larger cells after the evolution of smaller cells c. the evolution of eukaryotes after the evolution of prokaryotes d. the need for a surface area of sufficient area to allow the cell's function e. the difference in plasma membranes between prokaryotes and eukaryotes 6. Large numbers of ribosomes are present in cells that specialize in producing which of the following molecules? a. starches b. glucose c. steroids d. lipids e. proteins
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Name: ________________________ ID: A 2 7. Under which of the following conditions would you expect to find a cell with a predominance of free ribosomes? a. a cell that is digesting food particles b. a cell that is enlarging its vacuole c. a cell that is producing cytoplasmic enzymes d. a cell that is secreting proteins e. a cell that is constructing its cell wall or extracellular matrix 8. Which structure is the site of the synthesis of proteins that may be exported from the cell? a. Golgi vesicles b. plasmodesmata c. lysosomes d. rough ER e. tight junctions 9. The Golgi apparatus has a polarity or sidedness to its structure and function. Which of the following statements correctly describes this polarity? a. Transport vesicles fuse with one side of the Golgi and leave from the opposite side. b.
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AP Biology ch6-8 test - Name Class Date ID A AP Chapter 6-8...

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