Apr3 - STA R P A RTY S A TU RD A Y : O PEN H O U SE A T O...

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STAR PARTY SATURDAY: OPEN HOUSE AT OBSERVATORY SATURDAY: 8:30-9:30 PM [Don’t come if sky is mostly cloudy; Rain date on Sunday] Roof of Nicholson Hall Saturn with near-edge-on rings, Space Station passing overhead, Moon, Orion, … +1.0 Bonus Points Point out any constellation Point out named star Answer one question Astronomy & History: Examples from early Christianity, Birth of Christ: Star of Bethlehem Crucifixion: Setting Chronology for New Testament
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WHEN WAS CHRIST BORN? ! DURING THE REIGN OF CAESAR AUGUSTUS there went out a decree from Caesar Augustus ” [Luke 2:1] 27 BC to 14 AD ! DURING THE CENSUS OF QUIRINIUS And this taxing was first made when Cyrenius was governor of Syria ” [Luke 2:2] Quirinius was governor of Syria from 6 AD to 12 AD ! ~30-40 YEARS BEFORE THE CRUCIFIXION And Jesus himself began to be about thirty years of Age ” [Luke 3:23] Thou art not yet fifty years old ” [John 8:57] Crucifixion was 30 or 33 AD, so birth was around 10 BC to 1 BC ! BEFORE THE DEATH OF KING HEROD (in 4 BC) Herod died in 4 BC just before a lunar eclipse [Josephus] ! AT THE TIME OF THE STAR OF BETHLEHEM STAR of BETHLEHEM For we have seen his star in the east ” “
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Apr3 - STA R P A RTY S A TU RD A Y : O PEN H O U SE A T O...

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