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Kellie Raji March 6, 2008 FIN 3715 Take home Quiz 1. Yahoo does not have a staggered board or dual class shares. On the other hand Google does not have a staggered board, but does have dual class shares. 2. Between the two companies, Yahoo is more susceptible to being a take-over target than Google would be because Yahoo does not have a staggered board/ classified board or dual class shares. Having a staggered board can be used a defense against hostile bidders because the bidders have a harder time to gain
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Unformatted text preview: control of the entire board. Dual class shares can also provide a company with loyal investor through rough patches. 3. As a shareholder of Yahoo I would support Microsoft to stage a proxy fight with Yahoo, and am I pro-takeover. I am for the takeover of Yahoo because as a shareholder, the price of the stock that I own would incur a premium and increasing the value of my earnings/worth. References: Yahoo’s Position Is Weak, Its Options Few , http://www.law.harvard.edu/ www.investopedia.com...
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