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Sufism - A way, a path of love, devotion, found in stories, poetry, art, rituals, dance movements, and prayer - Aim of Sufism is the elimination of all veils between the individual and God. - Mystical core of Islam. - According to many Sufism, the essential Truths of Sufism exist in all religions (love for the Absolute) 3 Great Blessings Given to those who love God: - Islam (surrender to God) - Iman (faith) - Ihsan (awareness of God, to act beautifully – to worship God as if you see Him constantly) 4 Stages of Sufism - Shariah (religious law) – external practices of religion - Tariqah (the mystical path) – inner practices of Sufism, making the inner life clean and pure - Haqiqah (Truth) – inner meaning of religious practices and guidance, direct experience of God’s presence within - Marifah (Gnosis) – ongoing state of attunement with God, knowledge of Reality, attained by very few (station of Messengers, prophets, saints. Sufi Disciplines: Love – a continually expanding capacity that culminates in certainty. Sufis channel energy into loving God and receive a response of being loved in return. Remembrance – act of constantly striving to open the heart, be mindful of God, through chanting God’s names, etc. Living in the World – Love and Service (2 requirements of every Sufi – to remember God and to serve God’s creation) Transforming the Self – goal of mysticism is to cleanse the heart, to educate or transform the self and find God. ----------- THEMES: unity with God, God’s absoluteness, mystical path, value of service or prayer, embracing God’s will.
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SUFI QUOTES: 1. “It is said that when you take only one step toward Him, He advances ten steps toward you. But the complete truth is that God is always with you.” (Muhammed) 2. “Mary was chosen to bear Jesus because she kept her purity intact. Simple people call this her ‘virginity’, but those who know understand that to be pure means to be completely adaptable, to flow with each moment, to be like a running stream cascading from the waters of life itself. The eternal messenger is always within, waiting to unfold the moment through the Word, and one day when Mary is recognized again, there will be a reappearance of the Christ, manifested in the outer world. Remember who Mary is.” (Reshad Feild) 3. “There was no place I could go where I was not seen [i.e. by God]” (Sheikh Muzaffer) 4. “A Sufi is one who annihilates himself in the Truth…. How is one to know one’s degree of saintliness and vigilance? Only if all parts of one’s body join in the Remembrance of God can one be aware of such things. This is the kind of person who is called a Sufi.” (Sheikh Muzaffer) 5. “You are more precious than both heaven and earth; You know not your own worth. Sell not yourself at little price, Being so precious in God’s eyes.” (Rumi) 6. “A dervish was sweeping the courtyard. Abu Sa’id saw him and said ‘Be like the dust ball that rolls before the broom and not like the rock left behind.’ One must be like the dust, which
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Mysticism_quotes - Sufism A way a path of love devotion...

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