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Unformatted text preview: Religion 2.12.2008 Doctrine of God Transcendence Immanence Muslim views of God Tawhid- divine unity There is no god but god-he is one Muslim views of Jesus Crucifixion Shirk-idolatry to associate something with god that is not god, according to the Koran it is an unforgiveable sin, they think Christians do this Holy spirit- no less than god, depicted as a force or energy, in the scriptures he is a person, in the old testament, moves among the prophets, seen in creation, In the new testament the whole spirit only does things humans can do, personal acts, that only a divine person can do, baptism In Islam, god is only one, there is no god the father, there is just one To know god truly is to know him as triune, the trinity, and to have life eternal Both hold the tradition that god is one, but it differs: Different aspects, argues that god is both transcendent (god is outside beyond our understanding), Immanence (being in everything there is one spirit in everything) more than what we can conceive. How does the trinity define immanence? The story spirit in everything) more than what we can conceive....
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