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Ritual Notes, Jan. 15 - important than Christmas o change...

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January 15, 2007 Ritual- a ceremonial act or repeated stylized gesture that conveys deeper meaning Different Kinds of Rituals: - personal, interpersonal, (shaking hands, gift giving) - civic rituals, (raising right hand over heart) - community rituals, (LSU Game day tailgating) - religious rituals, (patterns of behavior in the presence of sacred objects) - rituals place levels of meaning together Characteristics of Religious Rituals: - public, stylized, formalized, repeated o patterns and meaning are serious - convey religious content through generations o living dynamic o people doing something and why they do it - meaningful only within context o a community who practices certain rituals - rituals, like symbols change through time o holidays which have changed: Christmas, Easter (more theologically
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Unformatted text preview: important than Christmas) o change occurs because of the support from these whom practice and symbols are born and meaningful for a period of time only until they replaced EX: Swastika - Cross, Jesus was not really on a cross and was not depicted on it in art because it was consider capitol punishment-convey a sense of connection or communication with the sacred o rituals directed toward divine o inward- directed rituals as transformation of self EX: Meditation, fasting o ritual spiritualizing of ordinary activities EX: Grace at meals Communion, wafer of Jesus and wine Prayer before bed o most religious cultures have significance with time of day...
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