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Biological Variation - reads the same weight on each scale...

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BS 110 Sec 029 Red Assignment 1) Data Table for Australian Pine Cones Dimension Measured Mean Standard Deviation Coefficient of Variation # of “shoots” at tip of cone 1.53 shoots 0.73 0.48 Cone weight (g) 5.97 g 1.66 0.28 Cone diameter at base (cm) 3.09 cm 0.50 0.16 Cone length (cm) 4.53 cm 0.53 0.12 2a) By calculating the coefficient of variation of each dimension measured, I was able to tell how much the pine cones on average differed from one another. Since the coefficient of variation was low for each dimension for the pine cones that my group sampled. I can say that they were all pretty similar in size, weight and number of shoots on the tip. 2b) I measured the weight of each pine cone with one of the scales provided in class. To improve the precision of measuring the weight I could reweigh each pine cone on a different scale to make sure that it
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Unformatted text preview: reads the same weight on each scale. My group members measured the length of each cone, length of the cone diameter, and the number of shoots. To be more precise with these measurements we could measure the lengths more then once or recount the number of shoots each cone has. 2c) Environmental factors could affect the sizes and weights of each pine cone. For example, a pine cone would weigh less if any part of it was broken off due to damages caused by animals or nature. Depending on where the pine cone was from could also explain the variation of sizes, because some pine cones could have been exposed to climates that allow them to grow larger. Another factor could be the pine cones we observed were at different growth stages or ages, making some seem smaller or much larger than other pine cones....
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