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5 Citations for literature search - fungi . Fungal Ecology....

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1) Samapundo S, Deschuyffeller N, Van Laere D, Et al. Sep, 2010. Effect of NaCl reduction and replacement on the growth of fungi important to the spoilage of bread. Food Microbiology. 27 (6): 749-756. 2) Rodriguez V, Medina L, Jordano R. Apr 2003. Influence of modified atmosphere packaging on the shelf life of prebaked pizza dough with and without preservative added . Nahrung-Food. 47 (2): 122-125. 3) Arroyo M, Aldred D, Magan N. Feb 2008. Environmental factors and preservatives affect carbon utilization patterns and niche overlap of food spoilage
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Unformatted text preview: fungi . Fungal Ecology. 1: 24-32. 4) Soares NFF, Rutishauser DM, Melo N, Et al. 2002. Inhibition of microbial growth in bread through active packaging. Packaging Technology and Science. 15 (3):129-132. 5) Brock M, Buckel W. Aug 2004. On the mechanism of action of the antifungal agent propionate Propionyl-CoA inhibits glucose metabolism in Aspergillus nidulans. European Journal of Biochemistry. 271 (15): 3227-3241....
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