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EE4212 Information and Coding Assignment Due Date : November 20, 2006. (Week 12, Monday) Objective: To write an educational program to illustrate the concept and the error-correcting capability of binary cyclic codes. The code length n is fixed at 6. Program Flow: 1. Ask the user to choose the parameter k from a list of possible values. 2. Find out the valid generator polynomial(s) correspond to the selected k . If there are more than one valid generator polynomial, ask the user to choose one. 3. Ask the user to input a binary message sequence of length k . 4. Generate the codeword using the systematic encoder shown on Slide 18 in Chapter 5’s notes. The content of each shift register should also be shown so as to let the users understand the process of generating the redundant bits. 5. Ask the user to specify the locations of the corrupted bits (if any) during transmission. The number of error bits can be from zero (no error) to 6 (all corrupted).
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  • executable file, message sequence, binary cyclic codes, valid generator polynomial, binary message sequence

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