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tut6 - redundant bits in the systematic code of(c(Show the...

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EE4212 Information and Coding Tutorial 6 Cyclic Codes A (7,3) linear block code has a generator polynomial as follows : g ( X ) = 1 + X + X 2 + X 4 (a) Verify that the code is a cyclic code. (b) Find the codeword for the message 1 0 0. (c) Find the codeword for the same message, but in systematic form. (d) Design a feedback shift register encoder for this code. Use the encoder to find the
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Unformatted text preview: redundant bits in the systematic code of (c). (Show the content of the shift registers after each shift.) (e) Modify the feedback shift register so that it becomes a Meggit decoder. Suppose that the second-highest-order bit of the codeword obtained in (c) is corrupted, show the error correction process using the decoder....
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