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2 #include "GUI.h" // for Simple_window only (doesn't really belong in Window.h) / using namespace Graph_lib; u // Simple_window is basic scaffolding for ultra-simple interaction with graphics // it provides one window with one "next" button for ultra-simple animation / string name; s struct Simple_window : Window { : Window(xy,w,h,title), button_pushed(false), next_button(Point(280,325), 150, 75, " CONTINUE ", cb_next), player_name(Point(280,275),150,30,"Name:") { attach(next_button); attach(player_name);} { void wait_for_button() // modified event loop
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Unformatted text preview: // handle all events (as per default), but quit when button_pushed becomes true // this allows graphics without control inversion { while (!button_pushed) Fl::wait(); button_pushed = false; Fl::redraw(); } Button next_button; In_box player_name; private: bool button_pushed; b static void cb_next(Address, Address addr) // callback for next_button // { reference_to<Simple_window>(addr).next(); } { static_cast<Simple_window*>(addr)->next(); } void next() { button_pushed = true; name = player_name.get_string();} // void next() { button_pushed = true; } v };...
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