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#ifndef WINDOW_GUARD #define WINDOW_GUARD 1 # #include "fltk.h" # #include "std_lib_facilities.h" # #include "Point.h" //#include "GUI.h" / namespace Graph_lib { n class Shape; // "forward declare" Shape class Widget; c class Window : public Fl_Window { public: Window(int w, int h, const string& title ); // let the system pick the location Window(Point xy, int w, int h, const string& title );// top left corner in xy virtual ~Window() { } v int x_max() const { return w; } int y_max() const { return h; } i void resize(int ww, int hh) { w=ww, h=hh; size(ww,hh); } v void set_label(const string& s) { label(s.c_str()); }
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Unformatted text preview: v void attach(Shape& s); void attach(Widget& w); v void detach(Shape& s); // remove s from shapes void detach(Widget& w); // remove w from window (deactivate callbacks) / void put_on_top(Shape& p); // put p on top of other shapes / protected: void draw(); private: vector<Shape*> shapes; // shapes attached to window int w,h; // window size / void init(); }; } int gui_main(); // invoke GUI library's main event loop / inline int x_max() { return Fl::w(); } // width of screen in pixels inline int y_max() { return Fl::h(); } // height of screen in pixels / } #endif...
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