ch1 - 1.Whyshouldyou,asabusinessstudentandcommunicator,

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1.  Why should you, as a business student and communicator,  strive to improve your communication skills; and why may it be  difficult to do so on your own? As communication skills are critical to effective job placement performance, career advancement, and organizational success. In making hiring decisions employers often rank communication skills among the most requested items. Many job’s advertisement specifically ask for excellent oral and written communication skills. No one born with the abilities to read, listen, speak, and write effectively so that these skills must be learned. Thriving in demanding work world depends on many factors, some of which you cannot control. 2.  Recall a time when you experienced a problem as a result of  poor communication, what were the causes of and possible  solutions for the problem? Communication is key in every aspect of our lives. Without proper and effective  communication, we would not be able to accomplish much in today's society. Some causes of poor communication can be attributed to breakdowns in the mechanics of  communication itself, which include the transmission of the message, the receipt of the  message, and the interpretation of the message. To some degree, the feedback during and  after these stages can also affect the act of communication. Remedies to poor communication can be implemented by ensuring that a clear and concise 
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ch1 - 1.Whyshouldyou,asabusinessstudentandcommunicator,

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