ch4 - Chapter4 1. writtendocuments%Team-writ ten documents...

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Chapter 4  Bus 87 BUS an Communication 1.  What are the advantages and disadvantages of team- written documents? % Team-written documents and presentations are standard in most organizations because collaboration has many advantages % Advantages: The most important, collaboration produces a better product. Many heads are better than one. % Team members and organizations benefit from team processes. % Working together helps socialize members. % Learn more about organization’s values and procedures % They are able to break down functional barriers, and they improve both formal and informal chains of communication. % They buy into a project when they are part of its development. % Members of effective teams are eager to implement their recommendations Disadvantages: The most threatening problem of an inadequately managed Collaborative Writing Group is that of "Too many Cooks, Spoil the broth" Collaborative Writing requires contributions of skills from each and every member of the group. Whether the collaborative method used is a shared one (one in which various group members can have access and control on the document simultaneously, or a method that involves for each
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individual to work on a separate part of the document and control only one's own part; a single member's incapability to contribute in time can
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ch4 - Chapter4 1. writtendocuments%Team-writ ten documents...

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