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of Assignments Week One – January 31 – February 6 Submit your autobiography in the appropriate drop box (use the instructor model) Read Chapter 1 and Lesson 1 – The Study of Business, Government and Society Participate in Discussion Forum 1 – The Social Contract between Business and Society Please complete homework 1 and submit your answers in the designated drop box. Please view the Youtube clip - "Shift Happens" Week Two – February 7 - 13 Read Chapter and Lesson 2 - The Dynamic Environment Participate in Discussion Forum 2 – What is meant by the Protestant Work Ethic? Complete week 2 homework questions and submit answers in week 2 drop box Please read "Managing Resources as a Catalyst for Firm Growth." Week Three – February 14 - 20 Read Chapter and Lesson 3 - Business Power Participate in Discussion Forum 3 - Business Influence Complete week 3 homework questions and submit answers in the week 3 drop box. Read "The New Generation of Hard Workers - Gen Y." Youtube clips – Gen X, Gen Y, Boomers Week Four – February 21 - 27 Read Chapter and Lesson 4 - Critics of Business Participate in the Discussion Forum 4 - Collapse of Confidence Please complete week 4 homework questions and submit answers in drop box Please check out the weblinks for Ralph Nader, the Public Citizen and Mother Jones Youtube clip: Conspiracy Goes Mainstream: CNBC’s Big Brother, Big Business
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bus61_schedule_2011 - Business & Society Weekly...

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