week 1 - B us 68 organizational behaviors Week 1 1. W hat...

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Bus 68 organizational behaviors Week 1 1. What is the importance of interpersonal skills? Interpersonal skills is important to managerial effectiveness recognition of the importance of developing managers’ interpersonal skills is closely tide to the need for organizations to get and keep high- performing employees. In communication with partner or foreigners in the company we need interpersonal skills. The basis of good communication seems very simple; it is speaking or writing clearly such that any message the sender intends to send to some one else (the receiver) is exactly the one, which they receive. Which means that as well as the detailed content of the message, we have. In Relationships: How we get on with each other can have a huge impact on the interpretation of a given message, and the subsequent effects that might have on their motivation or morale. As manager get things done through other people. They make decision, allocate resources, and direct the activities of others to attain goals. Through their doing manager plan, organize, lead, and control all that need specific interpersonal skills There are also other skills with specifics need such as: Figurehead : we need it to perform a number of routine duties of legal or social nature Leader : Responsible for the motivation and direction of employees Liaison: Maintains a network of outside contacts that provide favors and information. To achieve their goals manager also need 1) Technical skills: to encompass the ability to apply specialized knowledge or expertise. 2) Human skills: to understand and motivate other coworkers and employee;
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week 1 - B us 68 organizational behaviors Week 1 1. W hat...

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