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Salem Mohamed Hassan Class bus 56 Assignment 5 1) Market behavior is the process individuals or groups go through to select, purchase, use, and dispose of good,services, ideas, or experiance to satisfay their needs and desires. Marketers recognize that consumer decision making is an ongo factors ing process,it's much more than what happenes at the moment a consumer forks over the cash and in turn recieves a good or service. It's imporant as marketers need to know how and when you consume their products. Marketers also need to understand the many factors that nfluence each of these steps in the consumer behavir process-internal unique to each of us, situational factors at the time of purchase, and the social infulance of people around us. 2) Motivation is an internal state that drives us to satisfay needs by activvting goal- oriented behavior. Once we activate a need, astate of tension exists that drives the consumer towerd some goal that will reduce this tension by eliminating the need. Fore example,think about a man live in an old hous in slum(give hime the restand live in), but he looking for a new house in a ice neborhoode (gives hime the luxury). This activted the need for a new house,which in turn motivated that man to test different places,to talk with friends about different makes,and finally to buy a new house. The motivation is the first think push consumer to buy. What they want or dream it is the thing they would run after to get it. 3) The attitude's components are: affect, congition, behavior. Affect, the feeling component of attitude, which refer to the over all emotion response a person has to product. While
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Class bus 56 ch 5 - Salem Mohamed Hassan Class bus 56...

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