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compatitve selling strategy - Practical Strategy...

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Practical Strategy Copyright 2002-2009 William J. Hollister. All rights reserved. Competitive Selling Strategy ® Do your salespeople have a clear “roadmap” for winning their sales? How effective are your salespeople at getting your prospects to understand , believe , and value your competitive advantages — so that price isn’t they key decision issue? Is your message being presented to all the appro- priate people in your customer's organization? Do your salespeople deal effectively with both the logical and personal issues involved in a sale? Do you have a shared language and process for defining, discussing, and managing selling strategies and account development plans? Do you have a formal continuous improvement program for your individual sales- people and overall selling organization? Program Overview: The Competitive Selling Strategy ® (CSS) program increases the effective- ness of your salespeople in winning competitive sales. It teaches them: To understand the value of strategic thinking, and to see the "big picture" of the selling process; To develop a conscious selling strat- egy for each individual sale and over- all account ; To manage the implementation of their strategy against their plan. The program functions like a road map in driving. Many other sales training pro- grams provide "driving skills" for your salespeople — factual knowledge and behavioral skills. But, knowing how to drive is of little use unless they know where they are going , and specifically how they plan to get there . The Compet- itive Selling Strategy ® program pro- vides the understanding, process, and tools to navigate through the competitive selling environment. The Competitive Selling Strategy ® program teaches your salespeople to construct a specific "road map" to get them to their goal: the sale. It teaches them to anticipate and avoid the pitfalls of roadblocks, detours, and break- downs along the way caused by the customer's buying process and the competition. It teaches them to con- sciously check on their progress against their plan to avoid taking a wrong turn. The Competitive Selling Strategy ® program will help your salespeople — and your entire sales organization — identify, clarify, and organize all of the reasons a customer ought to buy from you , instead of from your competitors. It
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compatitve selling strategy - Practical Strategy...

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