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IFE MATRIX For Walt Disney
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Strengths Weight Weight sc It is the largest media and entertainment company in the world. 0.14 0.42 It has become one of the biggest Hollywood studios. 0.03 0.12 Disney Company owns 11 theme parks and several channels. 0.04 0.12 Global standardization 0.04 0.12 It is among the popular brand names in the world. 0.02 0.06 It has well established divisions Walt Disney Studio Entertainment, Disney-ABC Television Group, Disney Interactive Media Group, Disney Consumer Products, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, Disney Interactive Studios. 0.03 0.12 • Increasing trends in overall revenues and profits. 0.04 0.12 Disney holds US$ 62.497 billion of assets. 0.02 0.08 Popular characters 0.03 0.03 Weaknesses High operating cost 0.1 0.2 Frequent change in top management 0.03 0.03 The $1.8 Billion park has only 16 attractions 0.04
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Unformatted text preview: 0.04 Poor working conditions in factories that produce their merchandise. 0.1 0.1 Poor management. 0.04 0.04 High investment with high risk involved. 0.04 0.08 Limited range of target audience mainly Children. 0.05 0.05 Total 1 1.93 Opportunities What are strategies Disney could follow to best utilize its major strength? What strategies would allow Disney to improve upon its weaknesses? • Move into different segments • Proper inventory management • Market development in untapped countries • Reduction in operating costs. • Disney music channel • Benchmarking to improve management practices. • Disney school of management and training • Online Websites • Develop more attractions for theme park. With help of/ http://www.mba-tutorials.com/marketing/348-walt-disney-swot-analysis.html...
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