Week 8 Homework Questions

Week 8 Homework Questions -...

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Week 8 Homework Questions (Chapter 4) 1. How can delegation of authority contribute to  effective strategic management? Delegation of authority is a process in which the authority and powers are divided and shared amongst the subordinates. When the work of a manager gets beyond his capacity, there should be some system of sharing the work. That is why delegation of authority becomes an important tool in organization function. Through delegation, a manager, in fact, is multiplying himself by dividing/multiplying his work with the subordinates. The importance of delegation can be justified by – Representative managers and employee from throughout the firm need to be involved in determining a firm’s strengths and weaknesses. The process of performing an internal audit provides more opportunity for participants to understand how their jobs, departments, and divisions fit into the whole organization. This is a great benefit because managers and employees perform better when they understand how their work affects other areas and activities of the firm. Delegation helps a manager to divide the work and allocate it to the subordinates. This helps in reducing his workload so that he can work on important areas such as - planning, business analysis etc. Delegation of authority is the ground on which the superior-subordinate relationship stands. An organization functions as the authority flows from top level to bottom. This in fact shows that through delegation, the superior- subordinate relationship become meaningful. The flow of authority is from top to bottom which is a way of achieving results Delegation of authority in a way gives enough room and space to the subordinates to develop their abilities and skill. Through delegating powers, the subordinates get a feeling of importance. They get motivated to work and this motivation provides appropriate results to a concern. Strategic management is a highly interactive process that requires effective
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Week 8 Homework Questions -...

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