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Michael Otsuji Business 36 Case #4 Product-Positioning Map For Cartoons On Television This is an example of a product-positioning map for the television cartoon market. I think in this market Disney has placed itself in the younger audiences/newer shows segment of the market. I think they like to create these new shows that change fairly often to keep the younger viewers interested. It seems like they are kind of alone in that part of the market. Nickelodeon likes to stick with cartoons for a longer time and not develop as many new
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Unformatted text preview: ones. However they too are more in the younger audience part of the market Comedy Central likes to appeal to older audiences and stick with the more established shows. Both Fox and Cartoon Network like to create new shows to generate interest. Also they both are in the older audience section of the market. I would say that those are most of the competitors in the T.V. cartoon market and that leaves Disney with its own market segment to work with....
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