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MNGT 5000 Writing Assign #1 (Jan 11)

MNGT 5000 Writing Assign #1 (Jan 11) - company Describe the...

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MNGT 5000 Paper #1 Assignment due 10 Jan 11 1-3 Pages, 1” margins, Arial font, 12 pitch, double-spaced You have decided to start a *cookie company in the Kansas City area using the recipes handed down to you by your grandmother. You plan to market in the mid-west initially but intend to go national within 5-10 years. (*If you would like to do something other than a cookie company, please coordinate with me.) 1. As you prepare your business plan, you conduct an environmental analysis. This analysis requires some research of the local, state, and national environment – with emphasis on the KC area where you will start your
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Unformatted text preview: company. Describe the external macroenvironment to include: laws and regulation, the economy, technology, demographics, and social issues and the natural environment. Briefly describe how each will affect your company . 2. What corporate culture do you wish to create within your cookie company? What do you value and how do you wish to be known by your employees/customers/community/the industry/suppliers/etc.? 3. Discuss how you intend to make decisions in your cookie company (unilaterally/participative/combination/etc.). Support your answer ....
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