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Assignment One Rough_one - TYPE THE DOCUMENT TITLE 1 Basic...

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TYPE THE DOCUMENT TITLE 1 Basic Composition Assignment #1 A Familiar Surrounding with a New Meaning Throughout a person’s life, he or she may choose to travel and explore different parts of the world. If he or she does decide to embark on a vacation or move to an unfamiliar neighborhood, their casual everyday lifestyle and itinerary changes. Repetitive everyday activities and schedules are interrupted due to the unfamiliar surroundings. The feeling of being inhabited in an unknown place usually brings excitement to a person. Constantly seeing the same stores, people, surroundings, buildings, and landscapes tricks the brain into becoming less interested and less focused. In other words, people only see the big picture of their familiar territory, rather than the little and specific aspects that bring more excitement. Where as new and unknown surroundings automatically makes people focus on every little detail. Alain de Botton’s essay, “On Habit”, tells his story and mindset while being in his hometown compared to his vacation. De Botton also describes how a man named Xavier De Maistre encourages his mindset through his encounter known as, Journey around My Bedroom. The more a person becomes adapted and familiar to his or her surroundings the more closed minded they become. On an everyday basis, people neglect their familiar environment and overlook the intriguing and important qualities that surround them. The essay “On Habit” begins by de Botton expressing his grief of leaving Barbados and returning home to London. In Barbados, he had seen and experienced a different world, but eventually had to return home. Alain de Botton expressed his initial feeling of being back home by saying, “But the home town was still unimpressed. It was still raining. The park was still a
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Assignment One Rough_one - TYPE THE DOCUMENT TITLE 1 Basic...

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