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283 Othello overhead

283 Othello overhead - We will be concerned with how the...

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OTHELLO Date and Text: First performed: 1602-1604 “By the Kinges Maiesties plaiers. Hallamas Day being the first of Nouembar. A play in the Banketinge house att Whithall called the Moor of Venis. Shaxberd.” Revels Accounts 1604. First Quarto (Q1) 1622 First Folio (F) 1623 Central Questions/Issues: 1. In this play, what constitutes personhood? How do we (and the characters onstage recognize it?) 2. Like Hamlet , the play is deeply interested in questions about PROOF or VERIFICATION, TRUTH AND FALSEHOOD, and.
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Unformatted text preview: We will be concerned with how the play grapples with these questions throughout the action. 3. Iago’s motivations, the things that drive him to destroy Othello, will be another critical issue we’ll look at. Why does he do the things he does? Can we (or he) know? 4. STORY and NARRATIVE are crucial to the play’s unfolding, not merely because the play is a story, but because characters spend a great deal of time engaged in story-telling. This too makes the play similar to Hamlet....
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