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KING LEAR--handout 283

KING LEAR--handout 283 - I will argue that the play offers...

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KING LEAR: Date and Text: Performance : 1605-6 Nahum Tate’s King Lear (1681) Q1 1608 has a happy ending, and was the F 1623 most common stage version well into the 19 th century. Q1/F are VERY different—hence the three Lears in the Norton edition. The Folio text is about 200 lines shorter than Q1, there are 300 lines in Q1 that are not in F, and 100 lines in F that are not in Q1. We typically read editions that conflate the two early printings. CENTRAL ISSUES FOR US: 1. Question of Identity in the play.
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Unformatted text preview: I will argue that the play offers three central models of how to be an individual. First: RELATIONAL . Second: INNATE . Third: VOLITIONAL . 2. We will be interested in seeing how these three models relate to questions about AUTHORITY and RESPONSIBILITY (both towards others and for ones actions). 3. We will also be interested in how the play comments on these three models through the fates of the various characters associated with the models....
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