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MACBETH TEXT AND DATE: Written and performed 1606 Revised sometime between 1609-10 F 1623 We date the initial version of the play because of references to the Gunpowder Plot—a failed plan to blow up the Houses of Parliament by a group of Catholic conspirators led by Guy Fawkes. Recently, Alan Moore’s V for Vendetta references the plot, Guy Fawkes, and Macbeth as it tells its story about a dystopian near future. Thomas Middleton was the reviser—adding most notably the songs and dances of the witches in the scene where Macbeth seeks them out for further prophecy. His contributions point towards one direction later productions took—towards OPERA. CENTRAL ISSUES FOR US: 1. We will need to look at the role of AGENCY in the play. How does
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Unformatted text preview: the play figure human action? 2. We will look at the role of the SUPERNATURAL in the play. The role of the Weird Sisters in the plays action is a major issue (note too that they are never called witches in the play). 3. The motif of EQUIVOCATION and AMBIGUITY and INDETERMINACY runs throughout the whole of the play. EQUIVOCATION can be defined thus: The use of words or expressions that are susceptible of a double signification, with a view to mislead; esp. the expression of a virtual falsehood in the form of a proposition which (in order to satisfy the speaker's conscience) is verbally true. 4. The role of FATE or DESTINY in the play. How do ideas about fate drive characters actions and senses of themselves....
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