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bio evolution - Osai Clarke A00318465 Biology...

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Osai Clarke A00318465 Biology 2423.1L-Evolution Title: Directed molecular evolution in plant improvement a) Evolution has provided “life” in all its forms a path to better itself, in that I mean evolution has put together panaceas to all kind of environmental problems nature can bring forth. This paper touches some key aspects of evolution and how it can be utilized to make crops last longer , provide more in terms of nutritional value ,fend themselves from pest and other issues related to harsh physical conditions such as those present after a drought or hurricane. This is done, is by direct molecular evolution, which is in essence a big shortcut from conventional breeding. Which would entail breeding plants with preferable traits that can take months sometimes years, so instead DNA shuffling is used to provide simultaneous recombination of many parents in just a few weeks. With such a tool it is thought that we can make or tailor crops and animals to cater to the special needs of
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bio evolution - Osai Clarke A00318465 Biology...

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