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ELEMENTARY ACCOUNTING Management 1A Julie Ann Gardner-Treloar, Lecturer WINTER 2011 OFFICE: MBA North D405 OFFICE HOURS: T/Th 11:30 am – 12:50 pm IMPACTED CLASS: This is an impacted class. Any drop after the second week, if approved, will result in a “W” on the student’s transcript. REQUIRED RESOURCES: The following item is available in the LuValle Bookstore: 1. Principles of Accounting, Libby, Libby, Phillips, and Whitecotton - Either hardcopy OR looseleaf is acceptable The following items are available at Course Reader Material, 1081 Westwood Blvd: 2. Course Lecture Notes 3. Sterling Computer Services (Assignment #2) Homework solutions are available on the course website. The website is accessible to all students enrolled in the course via the student’s “MyUCLA” account. OBJECTIVE: The objective of this course is to introduce financial accounting. Initially, the student will be introduced to the four basic financial statements, including the income statement, the statement of owners’ equity, the balance sheet and the statement of cash flows. The student will learn how to prepare these financial statements. The student will then learn how to record business transactions using journals and ledgers. The course will focus on the specific issues associated with recording transactions with respect to the asset side of the balance sheet, as well as the current liability section. (Non-current liabilities and equity are covered in Mgmt 1B). Generally accepted accounting principles, as well as accounting assumptions will be emphasized throughout the course. The student will be introduced to the concept of financial statement analysis. This will be accomplished with several assignments that will require the student to analyze the financial statements of publicly traded companies. The student will also be introduced to a number of career options, which require a strong foundation in financial accounting. The Teaching Assistants for Management 1A and 1B are: SPONSORED BY: Deloitte & Touche Ernst & Young KPMG PricewaterhouseCoopers Moss Adams Section times and dates will be determined during the first week of classes, after the MBA TAs have finalized their schedules. 1
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GRADING: Midterm 35% Final 45% Assignment #1 5% Assignment #2 Required to pass the course Assignment #3 7% Assignment #4 7% Assignment #5 1% MAKE-UP EXAMS WILL NOT BE GIVEN. NO LATE ASSIGNMENTS WILL BE ACCEPTED! NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE ALLOWED.
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1A_Syllabus-_Winter_2011 - ELEMENTARY ACCOUNTING Management...

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