Second shift in Civic orcer 11_15

Second shift in Civic orcer 11_15 - 11/15/2010 First civic...

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11/15/2010 First civic order shift : Ottoman tanzimat, from subjects to citizenswith rights and responsibility Pre-modern period; early modern period (roots of the modern period) - WWI as the most important political event that affected the middle east o Nationalism, Israel-palestine conflict, dissolution of Ottoman, creation of the state system - Yet, there is a second shift in the civic order: the norms of institutions that govern among citizens and the relationship between the state and citizens - Two pillars of modernity: state system, world economy How those things shifted from 19 th to present day We should treat middle east as a subset within the global context, with its own variation throughout the region Two major shifts that make states re-examine the relationship of the state and citizens a. More state involvement with population and economy, beginning from 1929 to roughly 70s; world wide phenonmenon Two events that make states reassess the relationship with the population 1. Great Depression => states have to intervene economy, states need to deal with social dislocation a. John Maynard Keynes, Keynesian Theory – advocate for governmental intervention for full employment and stability of prices through manipulation of money supply b. Four models – New Deal in US, welfare states in Europe, Soviet, command economy of facist regimes 2. WWII a. The need to mobilize resources, and home front b. The need to direct its population, labor relation, business regulation After WWII, US became the leader of a coalition against communism and hegemonic in the world economy Post WWII civic order (contemporary civic order) – welfare for compliance
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Second shift in Civic orcer 11_15 - 11/15/2010 First civic...

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