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Unformatted text preview: LS1 Taxa Know the lowest taxonomic level as it was covered in lecture. If the common name is given here (e.g. liverwort) then you do not need to know the scientific name (e.g. firmicutes gram positve, low GC, fermentation, yeast, cheese, anthrax Hepaticophyta) pnuemonia, tentatus, boils, BT toxin • Bacteria o Firmicutes spriochaetes outer sheath, flagella, spiral shape, syphilis o Spirochaetes o Actinobacteriaactino gram positive, high GC, TB leprosy , antibiotics o o o • Cyanobacteria photosynthetic Chlamydiales STD, blindness, dependent on host cells for ATP Proteobacteria diverse, fruiting bodies, E. coli Archea o Crenarcheota source similar to the earliest form of archea o Euryarcheota broad diverse, halo, thermo, extremo, endolitho Eukaryotes o Rhizaria Foraminiferans bioilluminense, Radiolarians o Chromaveolates 2 endosymbiosis of red algae Aveolates sac • Dinoflagellates two flagella, red tides, shell fish poisoning, unicellular Stramenopiles hollow hair on flagella • Diatoms uni • Brown algae multi, chlorophyll a c. fucxothin o Plantae chloroplast, cholophyll a Red algae phyco Green algae Land Plants • Bryophytes • Liverworts • Hornworts • Vascular Plants o Lycophytes o Pteridophytes o Seed Plants Gymnosperms • Ginkophyta • Conifers Angiosperms • Monocots • Eudicots • LS1 o Unikonts Ameobozoans • Slime molds Opisthokonts • Fungi o Chytrid Fungi o Basidiomycota o Ascomycota • Choanoflagellates • Animals (Metazoans) • Porifera o Glass sponges o Demosponges o Calcareous sponges • Ctenophora • Cnidaria o Anthozoans o Scyphozoans o Hydrozoans • Bilateria o Protostome Lophotrochozoa • Bryozoans (Ectoprocts) • Platyhelminthes • Ribbon worms • Annelids o Polychaetes o Clitellates • Molluscs o Bivalves o Gastropods o Cephalopods o Chitons Ecdysozoa • Nematodes • Horsehair worms • Onychophorans • Arthropods o Crustacea Decapods o Myriapods o Chelicerates Spiders Scorpions o Hexapods Hymenoptera Lepidoptera Coleoptera LS1 o Deuterostomes Echinodermata • Sea Stars • Sea urchins • Sea cucumbers Chordates (see below- moved for space) • Chordates o Urochordata (tunicates) Craniata • Vertebrata o Chondrichthyes o Actinopterygii o Tetrapods Amphibians Reptiles • Birds • Mammals o Prototherians o Metatherians o Eutherians ...
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