notes 2-16 - Chapter 8 Types and Significance of Gene...

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Chapter 8 Types and Significance of Gene Transfer -Gene transfer: refers to the movement of genetic information between organisms -not an essential part of the life cycle of bacteria -Recombination: the combining of genes (DNA) from 2 different cells -only some of the genes from the donor cell are transferred to the recipient cell -Verticle gene transfer: when genes pass from parents to offspring (human) -Horizontal (lateral) gene transfer: pass genes to other microbes of their same generation (bacteria) Mechanisms of lateral gene transfer in bacteria - Transformation - Transduction - Conjugation Transformation -A change in an organisms characteristics because of transfer of genetic information -Naked DNA: DNA that has been released from an organism after the cell is lysed and DNA is no longer incorporated into chromosomes -Competence factor is released into the medium and apparently facilities the entry of DNA into cell *When competence factor from one culture is used to treat a culture that lacks it, cells in the treated culture become competent to receive DNA, they can now take up NDA fragments. However, not all bacteria can become competent; thus, not all bacteria can be transformed -DNA transport proteins and DNA exonuclease (an enzyme that cuts up DNA) is also needed Fig 8.1 Griffith’s experiment on mice -something moved from 3 to 1 to make 2 = die Fig 8.2 (concept) Transduction -A method of transferring genetic material using a bacteriophage
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notes 2-16 - Chapter 8 Types and Significance of Gene...

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