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notes 930 - 30 September 2010 Religion 161: Islam Midterm...

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30 September 2010 Religion 161: Islam Midterm Exam: October 21 st Sources of Islamic Law: Customary Law ('Urf) becomes important after the Islamic empire begins to expand when the Islamic civilization began to expand in two directions subcontinent began to develop into merchants and traders Anatolia began to develop toward mercenaries very quickly Islam took many civilizations and changed them into one unified world at least in Arabia Arabic language became the language of the land most north African countries, Syria, Iran were not Arabs in the true meaning of the term but we consider them part of the Arab World Persia accepted Islam as a religion but kept their distinct traditions Persian language is called the language of angels In the case of the subcontinent with Persian language influence and Hinduism the kept local customs and culture and traditions daily discourse language was Persian The Turks are a very proud group of people they had a distinct language that was Indo-European nationalism is totally different concept Kanun (Law in Turkish) Kanun = Qanun = Law law that is mandated not necessarily religious in nature based on customary law that have been Islamicized there is a large amount of legal documents in the Ottoman state that deal with all aspects of relationship that were not in existence before 16 th century or so the largest number of laws were compiled because of expansion of relations with Russia how to have a relationship with non-Muslim powers, how to conduct war, how in a changing environment, based on the Shar'ia, should laws regarding non-Muslim minorities be redone has become very important recently Any law that is written is not against the Shar'ia always a source of debate between modernists and traditionalists
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notes 930 - 30 September 2010 Religion 161: Islam Midterm...

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