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notes 923 - 23 September 2010 Religion 161 Islam All...

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23 September 2010 Religion 161: Islam All prophets are not meant to be visualized in a human state. In the past 30 years Shi'ite practices have begun to allow pictures of the prophet. There are a few images that reflect his mirajj. The face is always covered. In symbolical way, the face is covered with light and a halo. After the Iranian Revolution there appeared representation of Imams in human form. The ideal beauty of the members of the House of the Prophet cannot be represented in the paintings; shown as “western movie star” instead of the Arabic characteristics. But representation of the prophet remains incorrect because you cannot compete with the creative ability of God. Compilers of hadith set criteria to differentiate between the different types of Hadith Sound – Muhkam the line of transmission is understandable the most authentic Da'if take these with caution breaks in the transmission fabricated Hadith
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have to do with mundane topics such as politics used to justify political moves There are two main sources of hadith: Sahih Bakhura Sahih Muslim Usul al-Kafi Kulayni Wahabi scholars do not count anything in hadith because of the problems with legitimacy. They turn directly to the Koran. Modernists also tend to turn away from the hadith as guidelines. Hadith talks about how to perform what the Koran says must be done. Explications of the rules and guidelines set down in the Koran. If something is so important, there are ways to decide how accurate the hadith are: the Koran two statements in the Koran that tell Muslims the prophet spoke only in truth correspondence to the ideas of the Koran if it contradicts any idea or verse or requirement of
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notes 923 - 23 September 2010 Religion 161 Islam All...

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