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notes 916 - 16 September 2010 Introduction to Islam KORAN...

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16 September 2010 Introduction to Islam KORAN Koran in relation to Arabic language: added concepts and meanings that were related to revelation that were not in the vocabulary of the language before, sanctify the language the Koran is the literal Word of God in Islam so if you want to understand the relationship between the Word and the Flesh, you have to know Arabic God's Word is not separate from God's being. By the Word was the world created. In every Muslim house the Koran is always placed in a high place so that nothing else dominates over the Word of God, symbolizing the sumpremacy of the Word of God. It is always treated with respect and dignity. Before a person is even born, the Koran is present. The first thing done when a child is born, an elderly member of the family speaks a few verses of the Koran into the each ear. When you are married it is present and when you die, the Koran is present. From the moment of birth until the moment of death, Muslims appeal to the Koran for support. One of the names of the Koran, al – Dhikr, means “remembrance” in this case the remembrance of God. For the first ten years, some of these verses were revealed by the Prophet while he was in Mecca. These are known as Makki, or Meccan. They deal with issues of a religious and philosophical nature. Some of the verses were revealed after the migration to Medina. These deal with a more physical nature. It took 23 years for the Koran to be completed. “Indeed we sent down this book and we will be its protector.”
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notes 916 - 16 September 2010 Introduction to Islam KORAN...

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