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notes 1026 - 26 October 2010 Religion 161 Islam Papers are...

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26 October 2010 Religion 161: Islam Papers are due next Thursday: November 4 th 10-15 pages, bibliography and notes included religious in nature SUFISM: Not related to any movements related to any other traditions: based, inspired, and originated in the tradition of Islamic Prophet and Islamic revelation Sufism detached from Islam does not exist Based on the inward meaning of the Koran: performing only obligations does not quench their thirst for God; this category of people try to establish a much more personal relationship with God based on the essence of creation: Love when you want to establish a personal relationship with God it is that Love that is the driving force Hadith Hudsi: God speaks in first person I was a hidden treasure. I loved to be known. I created the creation so that I could be kn own. Connects the seeker on the path to God Shari'ah (the dos and don'ts of the Love of God) is the wide path upon which everyone who is Muslim can and must walk. Tariqah also means path; a narrower path upon which only a selected few among human beings can and woud walk. Among those who begin this journey there are very few who have the capability to bring this journey to perfection. If you stop the journey, you can only go down not everyone can undertake this journey and those who do it is very serious once you begin this relationship with God, it is very difficult, if you stop, to replace God with anything else masters will try to dissuade them from the path unless they are 120% certain they can handle the path What does Sufism ask from Sufis? It is inappropriate to call oneself a Sufi aspirants is more likely used the term is applied to one who has traversed through all these stations and reached al-Insan al-Kamil (the perfect man) Where do we come from? What are we going to? Why are we here? We come from God and to God we shall return (Koran) followers of every tradition believe this – but most have to wait until the time of death Sufis want to go back to God here and now in this world “Die before you die” (Prophet discourse) “Die to your cardinal soul in this world while you are physically alive” (essence of the teaching of the Prophet as far as Sufism is concerned) one has to die to his own self in order to be resurrected into the Divine Self – become the perfect man has to go through many stages to reach this total initiation into the Divine Being
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How do you get there? Doctrine
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notes 1026 - 26 October 2010 Religion 161 Islam Papers are...

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