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notes 1028 - 28 October 2010 Religion 161 Islam SUFISM not...

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28 October 2010 Religion 161: Islam SUFISM: not extraneous or a movement separated from Islam not gathered from other religions There are forty stations. Practice: metaphor of the circle Tasharruf (initiation) being honored by joining the noble family of the Prophet brings from theoretical knowledge to actual experience take the seed of an apple and plant it. You nurture it and it becomes a tree and grows apples which looks the same as the original seed. (the original seed is the theoretical knowledge that becomes realized through growth before it returns to the beginning) Barakah al-Muhammadiyyah (Muhammadan Grace) is upon those who are initiated not a single action that takes place, but is in fact the beginning of the special vertical relationship between man and God in order to be initiated or start any kind of a vertical spiritual relationship, it is not something a person decides to do today and the next day becomes a traveler you need a guide who can assist you on your travels two-way relationship between a master (shaykh, pir, baba) and a disciple (murid – he who has entrusted his will to God through the master) called by different names in different Islamic languages, but they provide the same function) having a qualified guide is the most important first step – there have always been unqualified claimants therefore those people who wanted to be disciples used to travel extensively and serve different masters until they found someone who can answer their questions and guide them and also there is a harmony and chemistry between them some would travel all the way from Mecca to central Asia to find a master that they can mesh with one the most commonly used phrases when the master and the right disciple meet, the first thing the master says is, “you are here finally” or “where have you been?” - can the master guide the person, and can the person learn from the master, it is hard to find a person who has the soul to match your own ultimately the subject of this relationship is God, so it is a great responsibility to be a Sufi master helps the disciple get through the ups and downs and get him through one station to another that's why there must be chemistry between them the disciple is expected to give total obedience to the master – he must place all his will
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notes 1028 - 28 October 2010 Religion 161 Islam SUFISM not...

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