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11 November 2010 Religion 161: Islam Sakler Gallery: Islamic Miniatures Cairo: the most important capital city in Islamic tradition that survives to this day biggest city in Africa, a million people fled to Cairo after the Israelis bombed Port Said during the six day war beautiful city with many great mosques Cairo was built during the time of Islam Early Arab armies in the 7 th Century the Arab military camp settle near the oldest mosque of Cairo Mosque in the very center of Cairo: spiritual center of Egypt today Most important university in the Islamic world today (Sunni)
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Unformatted text preview: • Dynasties of Cairo ◦ Fatimid ▪ creation of Cairo ◦ Ayyubia ◦ Mamluk ▪ Cairo became known as mother of world, peerless in beauty and splendor ◦ Ottoman (16 th- 18 th Centuries) ▪ modern Cairo Military architecture and Mosques in Cairo and prominent monuments Complex of Sultan Qualalum • built in 12 months • started a dynasty that rules Cairo for 100 years Complex of Sultan Barquq • same massive style and detailing as the Complex of Sultat Qualalum • 200 students used to live in the now-empty complex...
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