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notes 1118 - 18 November 2010 Religion 161: Islam Political...

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18 November 2010 Religion 161: Islam Political Thought: Sources of Islamic Political Thought: Main Sources Koran Hadith Philosophy political philosophy, becomes its own field a common practice, almost fashionable for every philosopher to write something about the subject way to levy taxes, how to treate subjects, how to treat military commanders, etc for the kings masters of the language Nasihat al-Muluk (advice to the king) masterpiece of writing style and political advice when read to day they are still relevant made what they needed to learn practical and simple Art Sciences Unlike Islamic art, which is dependent on the creativity of the artist and his understanding of revelation and Islamic philosophy, which is dependent on the knowledge of other cultures, Islamic Political thought has a few other sources than those studies: Nahj al-Balaghah, a book written by 'Ali significance of this book is not only for what it contains, but also who wrote it collection of sermons by the man who was intellectually and theoretically well-equipped and also was side-by-side with the Prophet therefore, what he uttered was not only his own intelligence, but also the result of his own experiences – theoretical and also practical first full volume was not published until 300 years after the death of the Prophet, but it was so well-known that there was no dispute as to who wrote the book, which shows how well it had found its place in Islamic intellectual circles also influential in many other fields
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there is no single book written about political theory that has not been written after reading this book and has nothing but praise to say about this book not only describes principles of Islamic government, but also the future of the Islamic Empire Advice Literature these are treatises and writings that every advisor to a king or other head of state telling him how to rule according to Islam Mirror Literature mirror of princes gave advice both to the king how to raise a good successor but also to the prince for what to learn and how to become an effective leader in the future Political thought developed around the same time as the revelation was being written. It took awhile for them to be put in a systematic way of expression, but political thought has
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notes 1118 - 18 November 2010 Religion 161: Islam Political...

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